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  1. The two biggest influences of the ’70s were Don Cornelius and Bruce Lee.
  2. I feel like I have a big forehead.
  3. Rap is the only super-current music. If you’re into reggae or dancehall, and you don’t know Bob Marley, then you don’t really know what you’re listening to. But if you’re listening to rap, and you’re 15, you’re like, ‘Grandmaster Flash? Who’s that? Public Enemy? Yeah, my dad told me about them once.’ And that’s just how it is.
  4. I don’t really get a lot of stuff sent to me, but I do get things given to me in person. One of my favorites was from a kid in the mid-’90s. He gave us all a bunch of pants he made.
  5. I don’t really have long days very often.
  6. I make a little music every day just because it’s fun.
  7. Take what you’re good at and give to the cause that you care most about.
  8. ‘Paul’s Boutique’ was a bust, right? That was a bummer. We didn’t pause on it for a long time — we didn’t go through therapy — but it was weird. And because it was a bust, we didn’t go on tour.
  9. To me, a New Yorker is someone that has general disdain toward landlords, mass-transit authorities, electric companies, sports-team managers, NYU and its students, and anything new.
  10. The Madonna tour thing was definitely funny that — you know, children were crying watching us… and it was interesting seeing how angry their parents were.
  11. What I work hardest at is just trying to not let things get me crazy.
  12. A lot of Jewish kids do identify with us.
  13. I got no business going to a club. I’m a terrible dancer. I got a bad back.
  14. If I could sing, that would be cool. But I can’t. I mean, I physically can, but I’m awful. It’s weird to be really bad at singing.
  15. All generations think the present moment is the greatest but also have this fascination with before their time. I do the same thing. I see old British movies. I’m like, ‘Man, I would love to be in London at that time.’ But then I wouldn’t be able to watch ‘The Walking Dead,’ I wouldn’t have cable, and my pizza options would be limited.
  16. Champagne Jerry records are definitely, in one way, on the very far end of the weird spectrum of rap music, then, in another way, very far on the weird punk spectrum.
  17. I reject Donald Trump’s mission of America.
  18. Part of me feels it’s better we’re not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  19. Boys, for the most part, are not very observant — or all that together smart, for that matter.
  20. I don’t use coconut enough — in food, on my body.



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