Atul Kulkarni Quotes

  1. I have been working in seven languages.
  2. I quit my job in New India Insurance and was confronted by various options. I could either go to Pune to do a course in acting from Poona University or shift base to Bombay or Delhi and study at NSD. I opted for the latter because it is the best place to get a formal education in acting.
  3. My profession is very important but it’s a small part of my life.
  4. Be it any industry, what matters to me is the story as that is what the audience are primarily in a theatre for — to enjoy a good story.
  5. There is a striking difference in my look in Burma.’ I’ve experimented with my hairdo, and got a new hair color especially for the role.
  6. Meaningful cinema which lets me explore my talent to the fullest and with different roles is more important to me than just doing more and more films.
  7. The movie Gul Makai’ will showcase the earlier life of Malala and how she was forced and stopped from going to school. It’s a proud story of a girl fighting for her own and other girl child rights to education in her village in Swat Valley. I am glad I was chosen to play this role in Gul Makai.’
  8. People might like an actor, but they love a star.
  9. History is a point of view always.
  10. The success of Chandni Bar’ at the box office was a huge boost at that time of my career.
  11. I don’t think I will ever be erased from people’s memory as I like to believe the work I do leaves an impact on people.
  12. As a camera actor, you’re constantly in touch with technology. First the technology came into existence and then film acting happened. So it’s always going to lead us.
  13. For weight gain, one must do cardio in the evening and for weight loss, in the morning. So, while gaining weight, I did weight training in the mornings and light cardio in the evenings.
  14. Playing a character is like compressing an entire life into a few lines — that isn’t an easy task.
  15. I believe in listening to a script as an audience more than an actor.
  16. At the end of the day I can’t change myself. It’s only different characters that I play. And in those it should not be me, Atul Kulkarni, it should be the character that is being played by Atul Kulkarni.
  17. After studying theatre from National School of Drama, theatre became a passion, an ambition.
  18. I like to keep track of all the developments in world politics.
  19. TV is a comparatively younger medium in India. It will take some time to be mature. We need to have patience.
  20. I have done comedy on stage so when I got the chance to do it in cinema, I was extremely thrilled.



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