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  1. I always say if anybody is running for president, for office, I always take them seriously.
  2. Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis had enormous talent, and Elvis was the major contributor to an entirely new genre of music. Sometimes their exploits were distasteful to people, but they left behind an enormous body of work that endures.
  3. As a survivor, you learn how to talk fast, cut deals, lie when you have to — perfect training to be a politician, you know?
  4. Domestic wiretaps, government television cameras blanketing our streets, spy drones by the thousands flying over our heads. It makes you wonder if the very foundation of this great country, which is liberty, is eroding right before our eyes.
  5. Trump is going to be around a while.
  6. The hardest-hit taxpayers in our disgraceful tax system are those folks who pack Trump’s rallies, especially in hard-hit Rust Belt states like Ohio and Michigan.
  7. High-quality health care is not available to millions of Americans who don’t have health insurance, or whose substandard plans provide minimum coverage. That’s why the Affordable Care Act is so important. It provides quality health insurance to both the uninsured and underinsured.
  8. In presidential campaigns, experience as a candidate is an invaluable asset.
  9. Charter schools are not a panacea.
  10. When issues emerge that might harm a campaign, like the Clinton e-mails, you have to get all the facts out right away, but not before you have all the facts.
  11. Republicans just don’t get that their idea of scandal is not what the average American thinks is a serious scandal.
  12. I understand why foreign government contributions to the Clinton Foundation could raise ethical issues should Hillary run for president.
  13. As tragic as Benghazi was, its importance pales next to killing Osama bin Laden.
  14. Jim Crow laws stripped blacks of basic rights. Despite landmark civil rights laws, many public schools were still segregated, blacks still faced barriers to voting, and violence by white racists continued. Such open racism is mostly gone in America, but covert racism is alive and well.
  15. In the black community, Trump’s history of racial discrimination is deeply embedded.
  16. It is Trump who plays with the tax code to pay no taxes; it is Trump whose Trump-brand products are made overseas by cheap labor; it is Trump who hires undocumented workers from Poland to work on his projects, then refuses to pay them minimum wages.
  17. As a former presidential campaign manager, I remember the final week of the campaign as being the longest and most important week of the campaign. The week doesn’t seem to end.
  18. Both parties are so entrenched in their ideologies and a desire to score political points and hold on to power that we never seem to agree on a problem, much less find solutions.
  19. I can talk to more persuadable voters in a week on ‘The Five’ than I could at CNN in a year, so it’s worked out fine.
  20. Rural voters believed the Democrats traded millions in campaign cash at their expense. Along came a guy named Trump to give these voters a political voice.



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