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  1. Ziggy Stardust, the Village People, and punk rock really shaped who I am as a person and as a gay man.
  2. I’d got very successful, everyone knew who I was, but I felt very empty.
  3. I also tried to avoid doing obvious dance records.
  4. I used to think of George Michael as being mechanical, like a scientist in a white coat, working in a laboratory, creating perfect harmonies, and all the while I was secretly admiring him.
  5. When Culture Club broke up, I hadn’t been going out a lot because we’d been working all the time, so I suddenly had this period of leisure. And it was just around the time that the whole acid house thing kicked off in London.
  6. Part of me looks at the gay movement now and worries that we’re losing our individuality.
  7. I don’t know what the switch is from being insane to sane. It could be a number of things, what I eat, drink.
  8. I can be quite noisy and robust in the morning.
  9. I’ve never been a bad person and always had quite good morals. There’s always been a side of me that’s been quite proper, but it’s got distracted here and there. Now I’m the person I should be.
  10. I might be being controversial, but I think Seal fancies the pants off Delta, and her pants are tight.
  11. I can do anything. In GQ, I appeared as a man.
  12. I love American positivity.
  13. I’m always being inspired .
  14. You have social networking, and you can do things efficiently without the might of a big label.
  15. In the morning, raw foodists don’t normally have breakfast. We have a lot of fluids. So I make all these different drinks which are quite strengthening.
  16. I knew style and content went hand in hand.
  17. Very few people can truly divorce themselves from what they feel emotionally and sexually.
  18. Well there are those who think you can only succeed at someone else’s expense.
  19. As an outsider, you don’t think of Australia as being old-fashioned — it’s only when you’ve been here for a period of time when you realise there are issues.
  20. There’s always going to be something said that hurts you.



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