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  1. The way I see it, if you climb the wall, you reach back down and help the next one up.
  2. Loving our hair and accepting others’ is a simple but powerful way to encourage self-love and bring people together while celebrating our uniqueness.
  3. With my He’s a 10 brand, I plan on donating to the disabled veterans that have given so much for our country.
  4. I started my company with virtually no funds behind it — no big marketing budgets — and that worked in our favor with Millennials, who put us on the map. They can spot a paid endorsement a mile away and are completely turned off by it. Instead, they are heavily influenced by authentic experiences.
  5. Every woman and man’s hair is their crown.
  6. I was a stylist behind the chair for over 20 years. then a salon owner and migrated into hair product manufacturing. I’ve pretty much lived and breathed hair in many different phases in my life.
  7. Hair is a beautiful form of self-expression.
  8. Not everyone gets the ‘Sunday scaries’ or dreads going to work every day, and you shouldn’t, either. If you wake up most days with anxiety over what the day holds or find yourself checking out at work to avoid progressing on tough projects, it may be time to reevaluate your situation.
  9. My creativity for making women feel beautiful is one of the reasons I love being Latina. Just making people feel more attractive was always a goal of mine; the creativity — I think it has a lot to do with my culture as well.
  10. I aspire to be a role model for women to pursue their dreams no matter what odds are stacked against them.
  11. My passion and fire run deep through my veins, my blood, there’s no doubt about that.
  12. Challenge yourself, grow, blossom, and become who you were meant to be. Don’t ever stay at a job solely out of convenience or comfort. Aim higher, even if that means pursuing another job that’s just one step closer to your ultimate goal.
  13. I have made it my mission to give back in tangible ways that directly provide support and love.
  14. At It’s a 10 Haircare, our products are for all hair types and create instant miracle results, exceeding industry norms and consumer expectations.
  15. Our massive sampling campaigns have been some of the largest in the professional hair care industry and were the foundation to building our distribution to 30,000-plus doors.
  16. The Miss America Organization’s philanthropic arm is particularly appealing to me, as I have made it my mission to give back in ways that empower women and celebrate diversity.
  17. The upfront spend to build trial, authentic reviews, web traffic, and passion for your product is far less expensive than paying tens of thousands of dollars for a one-time activation with an ‘of the moment’ star.
  18. The best way to achieve a great style without a blow-dryer is, after washing your hair, take a towel and flip your head upside down, wrapping it up in a twisted towel for 15 minutes. Once you take it down, a lot of the excess water will have been absorbed by the towel.
  19. If you’ve worked with your managers or peers to push the envelope and really don’t have a way to grow within your role, it’s not a suitable long-term situation.




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quotes and sayings

quotes and sayings

the best quotes

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