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  1. I like to see other bands, and I like to hear their songs, but I really like it when they engage the audience.
  2. The American Music Awards mean more to us; that’s a people’s award, and we’re a people’s band. The Grammys are the critics.
  3. I remember, when I was very young and going to the Fillmore East and watching three of my favorite bands in one night, I’d want a hit. I want to hear the songs that brought them to that pinnacle of success.
  4. Why would we want to do an experimental album? That’s just selfish.
  5. When I’m playing in the band, I’m sweating — giving 120 percent.
  6. We would say we would play every pay toilet and use our own change. Across America and across the world, we just kept going and going.
  7. We never do the same set twice… We play for at least two and a half hours, sometimes longer, so there’s a lot of songs from all the records. And we know there’s a stable we as fans would want to hear, so we always give them, then we change up a bunch of songs and throw in a couple new ones.
  8. We’ve always been a band of the people, and we will always remain a band of the people.
  9. I just wanted to release an album of piano music for music’s sake. I’m not expecting to sell millions of albums. It’s was just nice to be able to sit down at an acoustic piano and make some music.
  10. There’s trials and tribulations in a band.
  11. I think, at the end of the day, we’re Americans: that’s what we are, and we believe in America.
  12. Every time we do a new record, we do the best we can. For us, every record is stepping into the ring with another heavyweight champion.
  13. My muse has always been the piano.
  14. How do we keep it up? Because that’s what we do; we’re musicians, and we love to play and make music. And with every album, we get better, and with every tour, we get better.
  15. Whether you’re black or white, you’re a human — and that’s what matters.
  16. Everybody in the world has problems, and the nice thing about entertainment is you get to forget about those problems and have a good time for a couple of hours.
  17. We’ve been here since 1983 as a band.
  18. Most theatre people and composers are like research hounds.
  19. Our job is to be performers and give everybody a great night where they can forget about their problems and the world’s problems, because they’re always going to be there. They were there since the beginning, and they’re going to be there until the end.
  20. It’s a sense of pride, a sense of you set out to get a record deal, and we got that. We set out to get a №1 record, and then we got that. Then you say, ‘Wow, that was impossible and now even more impossible is to stay №1 and stay current and put out new records that people care about,’ and we really stuck to that.



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