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  1. I really want to produce a record for Mary J. Blige.
  2. I like Das Racist, and so should you.
  3. There’s a lot of pretense out there. It can be exhausting. When people see something genuine, even if it’s something as simple as two people actually being friends, actually enjoying what they’re doing, or actually standing up for each other, that translates in a big way.
  4. The thing about Steven Seagal is that he clearly wants to be a great person, but he just doesn’t know how.
  5. I literally have a massive database of cat sounds.
  6. Run The Jewels, me and Mike, and our connection and everything, came out of a period of time where I had personally lost everything.
  7. If you live in a crowded area of Brooklyn or Manhattan, having a car is a hindrance. It doesn’t even make sense. I basically grew up all my life without a car.
  8. I was obsessed with Philip K. Dick.
  9. I think that Gordon Ramsay is maybe one of the most entertaining people ever on television. And I would love to pretend to be Gordon Ramsay and walk into a restaurant uninvited and attempt to make them change their menu. It’s just a personal fantasy of mine.
  10. I’m not a ‘dystopian, futuristic master’: I’m a schnook walking the street. It’s an insane reality we’re living in, and I’m just trying to translate it for myself.
  11. I’m a cat guy. I’m absolutely a cat guy. I grew up with cats.
  12. How could you possibly call something science fiction at this point unless it has to do with something that hasn’t been done? When I write about ‘Drones over Brooklyn,’ it’s not like I’m making something up. Drones are policing American cities.
  13. I just don’t believe in making music about making music anymore.
  14. I would have to be traditional and say that my favorite era of hip-hop was between ‘85-’89. That was the era that got me to love hip-hop.
  15. I don’t hate Jay-Z. I think he’s dope.
  16. One of the reasons why I thought it was a good decision to put Def Jux on hold is that it’s a hell of a lot easier to dismiss something as a movement than to dismiss individuals making good records.
  17. I probably started trying to make beats at around 12.
  18. I reserve the right to think many different things and to change my mind and to even be wrong.
  19. I grew up on listening to, like, Mantronix and BDP and EPMD and Kool G Rap and Ultramag and Public Enemy and Fat Boys and Run DMC and a lot of those early records, those Rubin-era records. Those were always snare- and stab-heavy records.
  20. I’ve never had a huge collection of records; I’ve never been a beat digga. I never been one of these guys who drives cross-country and knows some one-legged sailor who has a boat parked off some pier with a thousand Russian funk records that he stole from the Red Army in 1972.



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