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  1. Everybody needs to take a little distance from things.
  2. To be honest, I deliberately tend not to post things like ‘I’m having a relationship’ or where I live. I’m a bit reluctant to keep this kind of information up to date because people are inclined to see things like that as statements, and I rather keep a little bit of privacy, if possible at all.
  3. I never really thought of myself as somebody to move abroad. It just came on my path.
  4. When you used to be able to express yourself as an adult in your own language, or as I can do in English, for instance, it’s sometimes hard to switch back to very simple talking, like I am forced to do in Finnish. So a real conversation, when I really wanna tell something, I can’t do it in Finnish.
  5. People think that when they come up to me, screaming things into my ear, that I will respond according to what they want. I’ll turn around and smile and take the photo. But I’m not somebody’s marionette.
  6. Who on earth would expect a band such as Nightwish, to give you, of all people, the phone call, ‘Hey, can you come and join us now?’ Yeah, that turned everything upside down.
  7. Both the guys in Nightwish and I have experiences with previous band breakups and all emotions that come with it. It’s almost like dating.
  8. Everybody meets a lot of idiots in their line of work, not just in music.
  9. I tried to learn the Finnish language, which is really, really, really hard, and I realized that if I want to really learn it, I need to move to Finland.
  10. A good glass of red wine or maybe a little bit too much every now and then is just fine. Heavy boozing, not so much, because you don’t recover enough from it.
  11. I’ve studied classical singing, but not to a great extent.
  12. I joined a metal band with only guys when I was 17.
  13. I’m very happy with what I can bring into Nightwish, but I will probably want to keep on writing things. And that can take many forms as well.
  14. My Finnish is… I’m sounding like a three-year-old, at my best. It’s super hard to really have a conversation, unfortunately. I know a lot of words, and so reading signs and stuff is becoming better, or going to a supermarket. But some specific words, of course, you don’t get in your first year.
  15. If you are waiting for this thing that might happen tomorrow, it probably will never happen. You need to activate it now! No one else is going to do it for you, and ten years are going to go by before you even know it.
  16. Making an album is always a puzzle: you start by seeing a lot of different pieces, and they all need to come together into one picture.
  17. The whole social media thing is ridiculous. Everybody gets to say what they want all the time. That’s fine in theory, but it’s not civilised. Imagine going into a bar, and everybody in that bar is talking like people do online. They’d just get their teeth punched in.
  18. I have creative energy in me that needs to come out one way or another, but that’s where Revamp comes in.
  19. My Finnish, it never really happened, but I’m good in Swedish.




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quotes and sayings

quotes and sayings

the best quotes

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