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  1. When the unions were fighting me 45 years ago, they could never beat me.
  2. We had a Jewish school; we had a Jewish club. My father was a main donor. My mother was on the committee of the school.
  3. My interest is in the Wests Tigers. Nobody can support a team that is all the time on the bottom; that’s a waste of time.
  4. In Sydney, we always have a deficiency of housing. So that’s one good thing, which will cause real estate to keep going up. Not fast, but it’ll go up.
  5. If we allow more development, it will bring housing affordability.
  6. A developer who is not optimistic shouldn’t be a developer.
  7. I fire very little because I try to be very careful when I select people. If you know how to select, you don’t fire often.
  8. In this business, you don’t have to be an architect or an engineer or a brick layer. But you have to understand how the money flows. That you can only understand if you’re on the site.
  9. People have lots of money in super, but they have no money in the bank, and the super funds are not built to help people buy property.
  10. If the banks become unreliable lenders, apartment prices will drop dramatically.
  11. I employ thousands of people, maybe 5,000 or 6,000. In my mind, they are all doing well. Because if they are not doing well in their minds, I’m not as strong as I could be.
  12. I never built houses, only apartments.
  13. The newspapers were against me. They were telling me that the Australian dream was a home. But that dream became worse and worse as they had to live further away from the city. My dream became better as we could build higher and higher.
  14. I would consider selling the whole company; I wouldn’t like to sell just part of it, but on the other hand, I have a grandson intent on following my footsteps and another grandson in another couple of years.
  15. I have never laid a brick in my life. But my people have laid more bricks than anybody else put together. Because I know how to pay.
  16. It’s a very difficult business, and I’m very interested in the future of it after I’m gone, and I thought that if I can’t produce a strong management team here myself, and I can find better management elsewhere, then I should sell it.
  17. The newspapers were always against me in the beginning because they thought I was depriving people of what they wanted.
  18. The market is good when the local people are in it and believe in it and support it. That’s what I want.
  19. There’s always room for an operator like Airbnb, but it’s quite a different thing to my serviced apartments. Airbnb is a different market — it has nothing to do with me.




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quotes and sayings

quotes and sayings

the best quotes

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