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  1. It’s tabloid. It’s 24/7 news — people get in the middle of a news cycle for 24 hours off of things that previously would never have gotten the kind of coverage that is happening.
  2. Hard work and making the most of life — that’s what makes Georgians great.
  3. I know exactly what it is like to fight against the odds and to overcome adversity.
  4. Let me be clear: since I am pro-life, I do not support the mission of Planned Parenthood.
  5. Creating more and better jobs is how you build a strong economy.
  6. I do not support a livable wage.
  7. Any real Colts fan cannot abide the Denver Broncos and John Elway!
  8. Clearly, there have been changes in the climate.
  9. I left home when I was just 17, finished up high school, and went to work.
  10. My pledge is to be part of the solution to focus on governing, to put my experience to work to help solve the very serious issues we’re facing in this country.
  11. People want to know that I’m a person of conviction.
  12. The status quo — Obamacare — is not acceptable.
  13. I try not to look back on my life and be regretful.
  14. My responsibility is to follow the law.
  15. These immigrants have come to our country and blatantly disregarded our laws. We cannot, we should not, reward that. No amnesty. No ability to vote. Get those borders secure, and then deal with that situation.
  16. Others do not define you — you define yourself through your words and actions.
  17. Some people call me scrappy — and that’s because I am.
  18. In life, sometimes you just lose.
  19. It’s clear that Planned Parenthood went out of its way to paint me as some sort of a zealot — a Trojan-horse zealot who came into Komen and within 10 to 11 months had completely turned the place upside down. That’s clearly not who I am, and it’s not what happened.
  20. Increasing minimum wage doesn’t build a stronger economy.



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