Kevin Dillon Quotes

  1. I’m an old guy, so I started out playing ‘Pong’ with my brothers, and ‘Mario Bros.’ and whatnot. But we really got involved and got intense when ‘Tecmo Super Bowl’ came out. That’s when we really started playing video games, and it got intense.
  2. I love the Discovery Channel, man!
  3. I don’t know, scene stealing is something I see as, people look at it, it could be a positive thing, but I really like to think of myself as a team player. It’s kind of like one player can make the other teammates better, kind of like Larry Byrd dishing off.
  4. I don’t go out that often. I’m not going to clubs or anything.
  5. I’m kind of a homebody.
  6. I don’t like to get involved in any bashing at all.
  7. The moment when you find out when you shoot the pilot — getting the pilot is a small victory. You shoot the pilot, and when you get picked up, that’s a huge victory right there.
  8. I was a class clown, but I’m not a bully.
  9. I’ve learned how to make a nice souffle, a little mac and cheese.
  10. I’m a good Catholic — most of the time.
  11. My brother Paul’s really kind of obsessive, and he obsesses over things.
  12. I might be into writing… I’d like to try it someday. I always come up with some good ideas.
  13. I really enjoy acting. I feel I’m getting better and better with each movie I make.
  14. I think I look pretty decent in a tux.
  15. I’m kind of a jeans and T-shirt guy.
  16. In ‘War Party,’ I play a quarter-breed Indian. It’s a serious movie, but it’s funny, too.
  17. I like everything about acting.
  18. The character of Johnny Drama was a lot of fun to play.
  19. I’ve done a lot of movies before ‘Entourage,’ and I hope to always have my movie career going. Maybe I could take on another TV show, too.
  20. Before ‘Entourage,’ I couldn’t get a sitcom.



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