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  1. The whole thing with so many people empathising with ‘The Office’ has made me aware of how people aren’t doing jobs they love, aren’t living a life they love. Which I find devastating.
  2. For me, when I go to bed at night, I am happy that I haven’t hurt someone. And if I think I have, I will rectify it. I now refuse to give someone permission to make me feel bad about myself. They can’t make me feel bad about myself if I don’t allow it.
  3. Horror is my favorite genre, but there have been a few horror movies that have properly scared me and that I don’t jump back in to watch over and over.
  4. Before Ricky Gervais came along, I was a jobbing actress and perfectly content if a little unfulfilled: I’d just done an advert for Imodium. That year, 1999, I auditioned for four parts. ‘The Office’ was the only one I got. What its success gave me was freedom of choice.
  5. I have never fancied or been attracted to a man on first meeting him.
  6. We’re always trying to say things are right or wrong, bad or good. If we just chilled out, maybe things wouldn’t be so hard.
  7. I’m the oldest of four children, and when I was young, I used to get the blackboard out and make my brothers and sisters sit in front of me while I taught class. They all thought I wanted to be a teacher, but I didn’t. I was impersonating my teachers.
  8. I have friends who don’t even know I’m diabetic. I don’t hide it, but it’s the last thing I need to tell someone. I take my insulin with every meal and have kidney drugs twice a day, but that is, like, habit. That’s how I deal with it.
  9. I love shutting my front door and being at home with just my dog and me. That’s when I’m happiest.
  10. I met some lifelong friends doing ‘The Archers.’
  11. I’ll watch something like ‘Paranormal Activity,’ ‘The Shining,’ or ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ and I love them, but then I watch ‘The People Under the Stairs’ or ‘Candyman,’ and they freak me out. It’s weird because I don’t where the line is. I don’t know what that means. I don’t know what I should watch and what I shouldn’t.
  12. I personally love the U.S. ‘Office.’ I know some of it by heart.
  13. I was fortunate to have had a lively, happy childhood, but somewhere along the way I convinced myself I wasn’t wanted anywhere or by anyone if I wasn’t thin.
  14. I have been very lucky — all the jobs I’ve done have been with lovely people. In fact, I’ve been on many where I’ve just laughed uncontrollably the whole time.
  15. I came to the realisation, rather late in the day, that whatever your body’s meant to be, it will figure itself out.
  16. I struggle because I love food and sometimes I can’t stop eating.
  17. I have come a long way and learnt a lot. I read this quote about a year ago: ‘Happiness must not be pursued; it must ensue.’ It’s made me realise that just being married again or something like that won’t make me happy; the happiness ensues from how we live our lives.
  18. The joy I get from work is just huge.
  19. I’ve been so lucky in all my jobs. I just, you know, when you hear nightmare stories of other jobs — which I’m sure are true, but I’ve been lucky and never experienced them.
  20. I’m annoyingly optimistic.



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