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  1. I think if you’re a competent actor with a good imagination, and if it’s on the page, it makes your job a lot easier.
  2. My favorite place in the whole world is Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
  3. I think villainy just comes naturally to me. I get to work it out naturally so I can be a nice person in life.
  4. I think ‘On The Air’ was a little too bizarre for TV.
  5. I wanted to stay on TV because I’ve got kids who are school-aged, so I get to see them most days as opposed to going away for movies months and months at a time.
  6. If everything else falls apart and I’m broke, in 20 years I’ll still be able to do ‘Twin Peaks’ conventions.
  7. Big Stephen King fan. I think he’s dismissed often as a hack probably because of his prolific body of work, but he’s anything but. I think he’s a terrific writer. And not just a genre writer; he really approaches a number of complexities in everything he writes. So I’m a huge fan.
  8. I’m not one of those people who writes a biography or tries to figure out what kind of ice cream the character liked when he was 10.
  9. My boys have both said they want to be in the movies or on TV, and anytime I hear that, I say, ‘That’s wonderful; you’re free to do it right after you graduate from college.’
  10. First and foremost, it’s got to be on the page. It starts with the writing.
  11. I was drawn to it much to my father’s dismay. He wanted me to be a pianist like he was, but I had coarser tastes — like that old joke: What do you call a guy who hangs around with musicians? A drummer.
  12. My dad won an Oscar in 1951 with an un-Anglicized name, the first Hispanic to ever win an Oscar, and the Academy is so intractable to this day.
  13. I’ve played the drums for so long, I can’t imagine saying goodbye to it.
  14. I was a musician and did moderately well at that. I made an enjoyable living as a very young man, but I think as I became more comfortable and knowledgeable about myself and what I wanted, I moved into acting. I came to it rather late — later than most. I just really wanted to try my hand, and thankfully, it worked out for the most part.
  15. ‘RoboCop’ was maybe the best summer of my entire life.
  16. Maybe I was intimidated by my father’s talent and success.
  17. Came to acting pretty late. It looked wonderful, but I guess I was intimidated by my father. I look a bit like him, and he was so much bigger than life and so great, it took me a bit longer than most people to have enough confidence in myself.
  18. I didn’t sing, but I did play the drums.
  19. ‘The Stand’ was great. Adapted by Stephen King from his massive book.
  20. We were given clear concrete tools. The course did a great job demystifying the art of fiction writing and fostering confidence. The instructor brought complex concepts down to earth. I will miss coming here every week.



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