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  1. It’s not easy for an artist, especially for a girl. But you know, you just have to work very hard, persist, trust what you have, your essence.
  2. I want to keep representing for all Latinos — for men, women, young girls, and young kids that have a dream.
  3. Little by little, I get to see my music reach people’s hearts. There was a time when it was all part of a dream that others didn’t believe in, but I had all my faith and trust that one day it was going to be a reality.
  4. I want to enlighten the world. We all need it. We need love and light.
  5. That’s the key to becoming successful in this industry: to dare and to not be afraid.
  6. In order to advance in this world, you need to have respect for yourself.
  7. It feels amazing to see all of my hard work finally pay off.
  8. What I really want is consistency — to keep working, for God to keep blessing me with all the amazing people in my life, to keep making good music, and to keep representing females out there.
  9. Lauryn Hill inspired me so much. She had that whole women’s empowerment vibe in all of her songs back when that didn’t even exist.
  10. I used to have imaginary friends.
  11. Supporting other girls and other women in your surroundings — it could be anything, not necessarily music — it is you giving back to the world.
  12. I own my sexuality, and I don’t try to hide it.
  13. It’s my first baby, ‘IlumiNATTI.’ I’m taking risks, but I feel like I’m doing it for all the Latinos out there.
  14. I have to worry how other women and girls will react to my music. Will they really understand the message that I’m trying to put out there?
  15. I really like dancehall. I really like reggae. I’m a big fan. Bob Marley and all that.
  16. I want to bring light to my music, to women all over the world. I want to illuminate them with power and a voice, to feel special.
  17. As a little girl, I was in the church chorus.
  18. I really like to vibe with people and to connect, and I know that I’m a stronger artist now than what I used to be.
  19. Women have a voice; they’re empowered, and they’re heard.




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quotes and sayings

the best quotes

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