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  1. I say what I want. I’m a man.
  2. Just like Michael Jackson in the Jackson 5 or Beyonce in Destiny’s Child or Justin Timberlake in ‘NSYNC. I just think there’s something unique and special about the breakout stars in groups. I think you’re able to kind of connect differently with the audience when you’re used to having that support.
  3. I think meditation is good for the self. Having that moment with yourself and your mind is essential.
  4. Air Forces 1s just got that vibe when you’re walking in them, it’s like, this is a shoe shoe.
  5. The more mature you get and the more you understand about life, your picture gets clearer, the focus gets clear.
  6. When it comes to R&B singers, people think of soft men and technically I am not a soft man, not your typically R&B cat, so with a song like ‘Ice Box’ I wanted to be the voice for others.
  7. My mom is like super cool. I had a young mother. She had me at 16. So me and my mom’s relationship is like very vibrant. Like, ‘Oh mom, did you hear this song man?’
  8. The guys that I look up to — Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder — were always in touch with an emotion that is familiar to every man: the emotion of love for a woman. That’s what I do.
  9. I’ve always had that personality that nothing was never good enough.
  10. I’m very mild-tempered. I like to think about what I do before I do it.
  11. Cutting my hair, I feel like I’m going to another level. Cutting my hair was a step for me. Anybody that has had hair for so long, when you’re used to something, it’s like reforming your life.
  12. I try to have five meals per day, with a few healthy snacks in between.
  13. I feel like when I listen to music nowadays, it’s a lot of commands. It’s a lot of demands. Do this dance, or feel like this. It’s not like, ‘how do you feel?’
  14. Dancing has been my life and it has been a major part of what I am today.
  15. I don’t feel like I’m putting records out because I have to. It’s just my art and I love it.
  16. I was a backup dancer at one point for a group that was on RCA.
  17. I’m not the kind of guy who says ‘wow’ a lot.
  18. As a dancer, you learn the importance of transitional moments. If you figure out what you can do next, that’s how you don’t get stuck.
  19. I’m so excited to be a judge on MTV’s ‘America’s Best Dance Crew.’ Dancing and performing is what I do and being a judge on this show will allow me to give creative feedback to the newest and hottest dancers on the rise.




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quotes and sayings

quotes and sayings

the best quotes

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