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  1. I did my teen-age years in World War II. War news was a constant. We kept the radio on in our house to hear Edward R. Murrow broadcasting from the rooftops of London, describing the blitz.
  2. TV has changed everything.
  3. Back in the fifties (the nineteen fifties, not the eighteen fifties) I did some writing for Mad Magazine, along with my friend Ernie Kovaks and a pair of comics named Bob and Ray.
  4. I’m greedy for experience. I keep finding new things.
  5. My grandfather lived in New England all his life and was a Vermonter.
  6. Being happy is a revolutionary act; I think it spreads, like ripples in a pond.
  7. I made a decision a few years back to never again do anything professionally that I didn’t want to do.
  8. In New Jersey, judges have ruled that a same-sex couple or a single person applying to adopt must be given the same place in line as a married man and woman. I think that’s bad for kids. This makes me homophobic? I’m in show business. Half the people in my life are gay.
  9. Even I get fan mail.
  10. Every restaurant in the world is owned by a Greek.
  11. My father was an odd stick. He was a member of MENSA and he was a uniformed yard cop for the Harvard police.
  12. Advertising has always been part show biz.
  13. The nineteen fifties was a time of tumultuous change.
  14. The movies saved my life. I grew up in the great depression, the only child of a pair of star crossed lovers. My father lost his job. My mother drank. They fought. The movies were my escape.
  15. I think America was a miracle. I think God loves this country.
  16. War was a way of life for Americans in the early forties. Heroism was expected.
  17. I’d lived through World War II and hadn’t been able to wait to join the army as soon as I turned 18.
  18. I had come to New York seeking my fortune after a few years of honing my craft as a stand-up on the road.
  19. The reason I became a Christian is the same reason I became a conservative: I paid attention.
  20. I made up my mind I was going to walk that thin line between fame and oblivion.



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