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  1. Blockchain is an innovative technology with the power to change society and is gaining the world’s attention as a technology to enhance the competitiveness of the urban economy.
  2. We hope that the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates will help us to promote Seoul as a symbol of peace beyond war and division in order to attract global attention to peace on the Korean Peninsula.
  3. In the past, we had several dog butcher shops in Cheongnyangni, but I closed almost all of them down through various measures.
  4. After the 1970s, we accomplished economic development rapidly. But the side effect of that was high stress levels or the gap between the rich and poor. And these issues call on me to focus on the welfare and quality of life of the citizens.
  5. There is a tendency to attack some particular group of people and scapegoat them, but this is not the right attitude to cope with epidemics.
  6. With the Green New Deal, Seoul is taking big steps to transition to a net-zero emissions economy in 2050.
  7. The main issue of cities is to tackle climate change and it is the issue of the current and next generations. Sustainability cannot be emphasized too much and I have designated the issue of climate change as the most important to solve.
  8. I understand that some people are angry about taxi services. A taxi fare hike should be accompanied by better customer service.
  9. The Seoul city government has been cooperating with the central government to stabilize the housing market, and we plan to brainstorm all possible ways with the government to better counter the issue.
  10. As politics is not subtraction but addition, those who share views and ideas need to join forces and they have to cooperate with political opponents even after they win an election.
  11. Transparency and accountability must be restored in politics.
  12. I’m always trying to invite citizens to participate in the process of public decision-making.
  13. We believe open data helps citizens have a better understanding about Seoul’s policies and motivates them to join the city government’s efforts.
  14. Each city has strengths. Cities should be developed with their own individuality and characteristics.
  15. The influence of culture and arts is much larger than the influence of economy sometimes.
  16. Since the inauguration of Mr. Lee Myung-bak, I was very much disappointed with his politics and policies. Not only in economics, but also in many social and political issues, he made many mistakes.
  17. It is necessary to diversify or improve the role of Gimpo airport.
  18. Most of the job on DDP was already done by the time I became mayor. So was Gwanghwamun Square, described by many architects as the city’s worst architectural creation, and the new city hall. I did not think that redoing them would be the right approach as that would only create new problems.
  19. There are many challenges ahead, and one of the most important ones I face is ensuring the future sustainability of our city.
  20. We need to put priority on addressing issues related to people’s daily lives and their economic hardships.



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