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  1. It’s really weird to be taken seriously for what you’re wearing. It makes me want to wear a uniform.
  2. I love the romcom. I thought I had a career playing the best friend. What happened to that? It’s really sad to me.
  3. My aunt in Texas, when she did the hazing things, they had girls swallow oysters. They’d wrap an oyster in dental floss, swallow them, and then pull them back up.
  4. The culture is eating nature; it’s overpowering storytelling. Movies are turning into games — it’s abut the image, not nuance.
  5. I traveled to Morocco once, and I only saw one television when I was there, but I did go into this dirt cave and I saw this kid chopping tomatoes and pita, and he had a picture on the wall of Jean-Claude Van Damme holding a gun. That connected with him on the other side of the world, so no wonder these big movies are made — they have a mass appeal.
  6. It sounds so dramatic, but I’ll say it: Hollywood just doesn’t know what to do with me. And it’s not for lack of trying.
  7. I have a twin brother, so I was around guys like a sister. It was comfortable to me.
  8. I like finding things in locations where I’ve worked and things from down South and things from flea markets or even the sidewalks.
  9. My first lead role was probably ‘Party Girl’ in 1994.
  10. I have a brass bed that’s very ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks.’ I got it on eBay. It’s from the early 1900s.
  11. How movies are financed, it’s a world market now… I feel like, you know, the independent film way of working is something that was in my bones. It’s like being a part of a punk band, but no one’s singing punk rock anymore. Only a few bands are able to play, and Woody Allen is one of them.
  12. We didn’t do cotillions or anything. My family made fun of the pageants.
  13. I was raised Catholic, but the devil was never with a pitchfork.
  14. When I did ‘Guffman,’ it was terrifying. I didn’t know what to say. I started talking, and it just came out.
  15. When my parents were dating, they were very poor, so my dad couldn’t take my mom out. They would go to the grocery store and pick out funny looking vegetables. When I grew up, we’d still go and find the ones with personality.
  16. I thought I’d have a career playing women in the vein of Ruth Gordon, and we’ve seen that type almost disappear.
  17. I like to support local record stores.
  18. People have more dimensions to them than we give them credit for. The person you meet on the street that you think is someone, and it’s someone else. I’m mistaken for someone else all the time.
  19. I got into the whole Ayurvedic thing. It was really cool.
  20. I learned how to play mandolin for ‘A Mighty Wind!’



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