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  1. I am a humongous Mohanlal fan. I adore the actor. I am also a huge Mammootty fan, and that’s not being diplomatic at all.
  2. Failure doesn’t scare me. And neither success. I am equally detached to both.
  3. We were shooting for ‘Aiyyaa’ in Yash Raj studios, and I got an offer for ‘Aurangzeb.’ That’s the only time I went for an audition.
  4. Directing a film in Hindi is definitely on the cards.
  5. Even in Malayalam films, I don’t mind if I am not cast as hero.
  6. I don’t take my shirt off in every film I do.
  7. I don’t really care about the stardom.
  8. Even as an actor, much before I turned director or producer, I was somebody who was very involved with every film I was doing. I would pretty much be a part of a project from the time they toss the ball to the marketing. It’s very simple.
  9. I got ‘Aurangzeb’ because I gave an audition and passed it.
  10. We have always wanted to give back to cinema, and we couldn’t possibly think of a better way to do that than facilitate films which we believe will make Malayalam cinema proud.
  11. Eleven years in films is a long time.
  12. As long as interesting work will find me, I will love to do more Bollywood films.
  13. ‘Aiyyaa’ was a bizarre film.
  14. I have always said that the biggest difference between stage and cinema is that one has got close-ups.
  15. When the script of ‘Nine’ came along, I saw that there’s a possibility of making something that is genuinely new and entertaining at the same time.
  16. I act, produce, and direct. They are three different jobs all within the same realm of creativity. I enjoy all of them equally, but ultimately, I’m an actor.
  17. Directing Mr. Mohanlal was a delight. He’s completely there and wanting to know what you want him to do. He’s very keen on making sure the director’s vision is realised.
  18. ‘Aurangzeb’ for me is a right film, as there is action and drama.
  19. I have no plans to quit south films and come to Bollywood.
  20. I have always believed that when a film is being made, it has to be the director’s vision.



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