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  1. You will see that I am a direct and sincere person, I don’t beat around the bush and I will address something if I see it.
  2. When you come to a new team there’s always uncertainty about how they’re going to respond.
  3. All I’m interested in is giving my players the tools they need to win.
  4. I have no problem with people expressing their opinion as long as it is with respect.
  5. I only guarantee one thing when I take over a new club: that we play good football.
  6. More time and less pressure would be a lot better, that’s true.
  7. I don’t have a lot of time to lose and I would like to win the Champions League or La Liga. If I could win them both, even better.
  8. I want my tombstone to say that I won the Champions League with Barca.
  9. I’m a romantic, I like the football.
  10. I understand that it is very difficult for Barca and Madrid to win everything until the end.
  11. Madrid’s anarchy can make planning difficult: they’re unpredictable. But if you can be defensively sound and use the ball well, making the most of the space they leave, you can do them damage.
  12. I have this philosophy of play that I love and my teams play well.
  13. I want my team to play well almost all of the time and have possession of the ball.
  14. If Messi didn’t have it clearly in his head that Barcelona have a winning project, maybe he would go, but Barcelona are always looking to have a winning project.
  15. I love to watch and have great footballers and if I can watch Neymar every day, just imagine.
  16. I’ve come from the bottom, I’ve got used to working with what I have.
  17. Madrid’s players are carried along by the football itself, what they feel in each moment; they’re not guided by tactical rigor or a specific structure.
  18. In these fixtures, the past is forgotten. What is rewarded is the present. This is a Clasico: two teams that will be at 100 percent regardless of the situation.
  19. I’m interested in the football; everything outside of that is something I can’t control.




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quotes and sayings

quotes and sayings

the best quotes

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