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  1. I work on my recoveries, coming back into the defensive line and things like that.
  2. It’s better to have a lot of different qualities in the team; it’s a good mix.
  3. To sum it up, I would say that the Premier League is football’s NBA.
  4. To be first is something special.
  5. When you have quality and show it, there’s no problem.
  6. Football is a game. So you need to enjoy your football.
  7. When there is a Brazilian who is lighting things up, he is at Real Madrid before you know it!
  8. I never listened to people who said I wasn’t going to make it.
  9. When I was at Le Havre, I was always sure of myself. I knew I’d make it.
  10. I want to play Champions League every year; I want to be at a big club and win trophies. That’s my target.
  11. This is Leicester: it is not like Manchester City or Manchester United. They have an obligation to win things. We don’t have an obligation; it is just a dream.
  12. In life, that is how you advance — by pushing the limits.
  13. For every footballer, to finish in the top ten of the Ballon d’Or is a dream.
  14. We were definitely not rich, but we were not poor. My mum always came home from work and did everything so that we ate well.
  15. When I went to Le Havre, I wasn’t physically ready. I was skinny and not strong enough to play in a tough league. They told me to go back to the second team. I was very disappointed, but maybe that helped me to be the way I am now.
  16. To score three goals at City is not easy.
  17. When you have the ball, you are free.
  18. Enjoying myself is something very important for me because that is why I play when all is said and done. And it also allows me to have an engine.
  19. When I play at home, I feel like I’m flying.
  20. I’ve always had the ambition to win a lot of trophies.



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