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  1. What happened was, in my final year of university in Australia, there was a campus comedy competition, and I felt like it was something I could do. I won that competition, and I kept doing it, and I couldn’t get a job in law. So I just kept doing comedy.
  2. I stopped eating processed sugar and carbohydrates.
  3. I think when people talk about race relations in America, they talk about African-American and white people. Asians are not often brought into the conversation. But there’s a historical legacy of issues between them. It’s hard to be like, ‘What about us?’ But we are a little underrepresented.
  4. The common thread of my comedy shows is conflict and, I guess, the frustration of people who either argue with you or just say stuff which is blatantly incorrect, and nobody calls them out on it.
  5. I’m made of dead stars, I eat a lot of fruits, and I hate peak period travel, as opposed to my character on ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,’ who is made of jello, eats vegan, and loves camping.
  6. That’s really my main message: everyone is stupid, and no one is more stupid than the rest.
  7. I always take things too seriously.
  8. Sometimes, we want Asians in the media, but we don’t want them to talk about being Asian. For me, that’s interesting because I’m from Asia. If you want me to be on television but I can’t be Asian, I’m not being true to myself.
  9. I usually say something if I hear someone I know saying something I think is racist with malicious intent.
  10. I once did a gig at an office Christmas party in the showroom floor of a friend’s father’s home appliance shop in the suburbs of Melbourne. It was to a much older crowd. Without a microphone. Or a stage. With the queue for the buffet behind me.
  11. I come from the corporate world, where everyone has a five-year plan, but performing arts doesn’t work that way; you just kinda do the best job you can with the gig you’ve got.
  12. ‘The Daily Show’ forced me out of my comfort zone.
  13. I was not a great student.
  14. I got into law school, and it required a maturity I didn’t have at the time.
  15. We promote Asian storytelling — not just Asian stories but Asian people in stories with the full spectrum of the human experience. When you say, ‘Oh, it’s not enough attention on Asians. It’s more black and white,’ that game becomes like you’re playing the discrimination Olympics.
  16. I’m on Twitter for work, but I hate it. I encourage everyone to delete it if possible.
  17. The beauty of the university world is that you can use it as a microcosm to parody anything in the ‘real’ world.
  18. Early on, people told me I was making Chinese people look bad. I’ve been living with this accent. I had already been doing standup for a while. I knew my voice already. I myself never wanted to make my accent the butt of the joke. I never want it to be, ‘I’m laughing at your accent.’
  19. I’m the worst night owl, because I’m a self-loathing night owl who thinks, ‘No, I should be getting up early.’ It feels unproductive. I must get over that.
  20. I joined a campus competition, as I felt I could do comedy, and I won. Then I started doing standup gigs in 2009 while completing my law degree, but I never told my parents. They only discovered a few years later.



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