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  1. What we want is more learning in schools and less activism in schools.
  2. The best thing I can do for someone who’s not in a job is get them in a job, and this government has had the greatest success of any government at getting Australians into work.
  3. For me, faith is personal, but the implications are social — as personal and social responsibility are at the heart of the Christian message.
  4. Canberra can be a bit of a debating society from time to time.
  5. We will work constructively with China as we always have. Our futures are very much intertwined in the region.
  6. Firms gain comparative advantage from how good their people are. Retaining and attracting talent is a key point of competitive advantage in the global economy. We are seeing that play out, and there are implications for Australia, too. The idea that companies now compete on who can pay their workers the lowest — that’s all changing.
  7. Australia’s migrant communities have built the country. It has been one of the key pillars of Australia’s prosperity over generations.
  8. I have a track record of under-promising and over-delivering, whether it’s on the economy, border protection, welfare reforms.
  9. Operation Sovereign Borders has been one of Australia’s greatest national security policy successes.
  10. I’m committed to winning. The leadership of the Liberal Party is always the gift of the parliamentary Liberal Party, and I never make any presumptions on it.
  11. There are many challenges our country has — our economic security, our national security.
  12. Where I think people are being offensive to religion in this country — whichever religion that might be, but particularly the one I and many other Christians subscribe to — well, we will just call it out, and we will demand the same respect that people should provide to all religions.
  13. Leaders always step up, regardless of the circumstances.
  14. Each day, I send my kids to school, and I know other members’ kids should also go to school, but we do not support our schools being turned into parliaments.
  15. Operation Sovereign Borders has worked and delivered a human dividend that is compassionate and fair… our plan is simple. We won’t change it. Labor will.
  16. I remember when we came in, in 2013, and I was implementing our border protection policy, people threw their hands up — and I said, ‘I’m doing what I said I would do in the way I said I’d do it’ — and guess what: I’m now getting the results I said I’d get.
  17. I can understand that people who have a very different view to mine are motivated by the purest of motives. All I ask is that they might give the same benefit of the doubt to those with whom they might disagree with.
  18. I think it is true that, post the global financial crisis initially — and for some period after that and particularly with how the mining investment boom and commodity prices played out — there was a dislocation that occurred in some of the more traditional mechanisms.
  19. One of the marks of our economic management is that we’ve always exceeded expectations.
  20. Our job… as we take forward this mantle of leadership as a new generation is to ensure that we not only bring our party back together, which has been bruised and battered this week, but that… we bring the parliament back together.



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