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  1. I think the real reason for my improvement is because I had such a long period in the off-season just working as hard as I could on all my new dives; making sure I did lots of repetition to get them consistent.
  2. I’m partial to the Cornish coast, as it’s near where I grew up in Plymouth. The views across the water are stunning. I love walking along the sandy beaches and the seafront paths.
  3. I was World Series champion in individual and synchro for the first time which was awesome.
  4. We hope that the Commonwealth Sports movement is playing a meaningful role in the wider global conversation around tolerance, empowerment, and legal recognition for all.
  5. I always knew that I liked guys. I just thought it was a normal thing to like guys but then also appreciate girls’ attention too.
  6. The 2012 Olympics was such a high, but once it was over, I felt really down in the dumps. You don’t really look beyond the event which you’ve spent four years preparing for, and so there’s a bit of a comedown.
  7. I wake up an hour and a half before I have to leave the house to do everything I need to do. But I have my routine, and I stick to it.
  8. I didn’t look at any of the newspapers, I look at the pictures sometimes, but apart from that I don’t read them.
  9. Marriage is a sign of commitment between two people and something I always thought would happen when I was a kid.
  10. You ask any Olympian what the year after the Olympics is like — you always get the Olympic blues.
  11. Ensure you eat within 20 minutes of a workout. Choose healthy snacks such as slices of ham, a handful of almonds, or fruit. Sometimes before bed, I have a teaspoon of almond butter or peanut butter, which gives me enough protein to get me through the night.
  12. If I do a bad dive, that’s in the past. Move on. The next dive is a completely separate thing. It’s just about being really present in a particular moment.
  13. It means so much to be European champion again with a personal best and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.
  14. Every morning, I do 10 minutes of mindfulness, where I do meditation, and I use that in competition and everyday life.
  15. Every time you go up to the board, you get scared. It’s more like adrenaline, though — you feel pumped and ready to go.
  16. You can only do so much in the gym or pool. Seventy per cent of it is physical, but the final 30 per cent is down to the mental capacity to actually control what you can do in competition.
  17. Once, every four years, you get an opportunity to compete in the Olympics. You have these six dives that decide whether you’re an Olympic medallist or not, which is quite intense.
  18. Every time I dive, I feel an adrenaline rush like I did that first time. Until my body fails on me, I will keep going.
  19. Finishing overall champion at the World Series in both the individual and synchro events has given me great confidence and I’m pleased I’ve been diving with consistency.




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quotes and sayings

quotes and sayings

the best quotes

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