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  1. Dhanush paid my salary in 2015 when I needed it to make ‘Visaaranai.’
  2. My films are a personal reflection on the impact that the state — the system and the world — has on me.
  3. Visaranai’ isn’t for those with weak hearts. It has a lot of graphic violence, and you need a strong stomach to watch the film.
  4. Smaller films that have a great run at the festivals usually result in the audience promoting the film on social media and so on.
  5. I always feel that my films ought to teach me something about life.
  6. A script writer usually manipulates his characters in accordance to the script.
  7. I do films for the common man and identify myself one among them.
  8. The psychology of education is all about how the society gets benefited from it.
  9. Big-budget movies might have huge marketing budgets, but only some films have the content to stand out.
  10. The best part about an actor is that they should firstly be receptive and secondly be expressive.
  11. And I don’t want people to think that I make movies based on other films.
  12. It is much easier to do a film about something that the audience readily knows about — say, cricket. It is much more difficult to write a film based on golf.
  13. I wasn’t happy the way I completed ‘Asuran’ or abandoned the film as it isn’t complete. People are liking it and it’s making money and I’m glad but I’m not happy with how I had to finish it.
  14. We’d like to explore the prequel idea. I think it would be best suited as a web series on some digital platform. The prequel will be called ‘Rajan Vagaira,’ and it will track the rise of Rajan’s character in ‘Vada Chennai’ and how he built his empire.
  15. When you’re a filmmaker or a scriptwriter, you face a lot of challenges while making a film. And when you produce it, you have to put in an extra effort.
  16. The budget of ‘Vada Chennai’ is nearly Rs 60 crores.
  17. Kaaka Muttai’ is the expression of an insider. It is a film about globalisation and its effects.
  18. Every film that I make is an accident.
  19. Film festivals give less of a platform to mainstream films because they already have a market.




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quotes and sayings

quotes and sayings

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