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  1. My life is littered with bad decisions.
  2. When I graduated from college, I thought I was losing my hair. And I started looking into hair transplants. I was talking to my mom. My mom said, ‘You’re crazy. You have so much hair.’ It was a real lesson in your mind playing tricks on you. You can make your mind think anything is happening.
  3. Right before ‘Nebraska,’ I went to Ireland to do this little movie called ‘Run & Jump.’ It was so far away from home, I felt a real safety to explore a different kind of role. I loved how it turned out.
  4. The older I get, the more grays are popping out. They’re definitely all over my beard.
  5. Anybody can have any opinion they want to, as long as it’s an informed opinion.
  6. My track record suggests that I’m not quite a mainstream darling, that’s for sure. I don’t want to only cater to a small audience, but it’s just kind of worked out that way.
  7. I feel like all my faults go into making the person that I am. I like myself as a person. And I think taking any fault away would change who I am as a person.
  8. I’ve always been weird, and into weird stuff that has a hard time finding mainstream success.
  9. ‘Wayne’s World’ is one of the best movies of all time.
  10. I cannot pull off a mustache. It’s like threading a needle, because most of the time, I’ll look like a complete idiot.
  11. It’s good to please the network, but you really just have to tell the stories you want to tell, and if you try to please other people, it ends up starting to water stuff down. Those decisions we have to make are hard, but we usually just err on the side of ‘What would we want to see?’
  12. I can let people take advantage of me at times.
  13. You’re certainly aware of your strengths and limitations, but I’d say I probably err on the side of trying to go too far and then get disappointed with myself and how it turns out.
  14. Definitely, I did not, after ‘SNL,’ say, ‘OK, first I’ll go be in Alexander Payne’s movie.’ I thought I might go back to writing, to be honest.
  15. I just love the people I work with so much, you know. It’s an embarrassment of riches to get to work with Kristen Schaal and Mel Rodriguez and Mary Steenburgen and Boris Kodjoe and Cleopatra Coleman and January Jones, but then to get to bring Jason Sudeikis into the mix, you know, we’re like brothers from all that time we spent together.
  16. Mine’s the fun amount of OCD. The party amount! Just enough to give you a little teeny bit of character, but you can still leave the house.
  17. I try to be a good person — I don’t always succeed, but that’s what I’m shooting for.
  18. I like to keep my personal life private. I did read one of those stories, and it made it seem like just because I don’t go out and I’m not the subject of tabloid photography, I’ve never had a relationship in my life, like if a relationship isn’t documented by a picture, it doesn’t exist. I don’t want to talk about it.
  19. I don’t like the pressure to try to tell the best jokes. I’m not good at jokes.
  20. When you make something that you’re really proud of, and it doesn’t do well, you can live with it. The hard part is when you make something that you have to compromise on and it doesn’t do well.



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