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  1. I find biking challenges so many aspects of health that are important for longevity, acuity, and mental health.
  2. The big part of that Victorian era, particularly in Canada, was people being more cultured and not being in the colonies and barbaric. It was all about etiquette and being proper and social graces.
  3. I have the same 10 pounds that shifts from my shoulders to my gut over the summer.
  4. When I start gearing up to do each new season of ‘Murdoch’, my wife will often catch me out. I start speaking differently. I start enunciating, and start using certain highbrow words, and things like that.
  5. I think Detective Murdoch would say that what sets Canada apart is that we are known for being above board, that we don’t fudge numbers and misrepresent ourselves.
  6. I was starting to do well at building homes and things like that. That interested me a lot as well. So I was debating whether to go do that full time or not.
  7. When things start to feel whacky I’ll either walk in the woods or ride or sit. I’ll then focus on wellness, affirmations and goals.
  8. I bought a Honda CRX Si, a two seater, and immediately after I took possession, my wife and I found out we were pregnant.
  9. Every Porsche is hand-built — one person, one engineer works on the car the entire way through so there’s attention to detail and uncompromising quality for what you pay.
  10. The very first car I ever got was a 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI. It was a bright red hatchback.
  11. Canada has changed. We are a bit less self-deprecating, less apologetic about viewing our own stories.
  12. I have done a lot of animated stuff over a 30-year period, and you do have to go much bigger on that stuff in order for it to come across.
  13. I don’t tackle a whole lot of electrical, but I could build you an entire house. I worked as a professional framer, as a tile-setter, did a lot of my own plumbing; I taught myself.
  14. I went and bought a Porsche — but it’s a certified used Porsche.
  15. I do a lot of Olympic training to keep muscle density but it’s hard because I ride on the shoulder seasons of spring and fall and maybe take a trip somewhere to ride in winter.
  16. I did a sitcom, and I really enjoyed looking for different ways to be funny — lifting that off of the page and just really expanding on it in a way that with procedural and drama, you can’t do as much.
  17. Murdoch Mysteries’ is in good company with a few other Canadian shows that have experienced huge international popularity. The show, in my opinion, is unapologetically Canadian, and the format is transferable across borders, languages and cultures and is currently available around the world.
  18. Murdoch Mysteries’ has provided me with an opportunity to expand my craft and have learned so much about myself, about directing, acting and contributing the entertainment industry in ways that I wouldn’t have imagined before.
  19. I was focused on my career, so my father, brothers and sister went to places like Korea, Thailand, Malaysia.
  20. I’m an avid mountain biker — complete bike nut is probably more accurate. I’ve even bought a house in the Santa Monica Mountains.

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