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  1. Everyone was messaging me like, ‘Yo, ‘Rubbin Off the Paint’ goes hard.’ Everybody in school knew it. The teachers know my song.
  2. My ultimate goal? To move my momma out of Birmingham. To move my whole family out of Birmingham, my friends, my family, me. It don’t even need to be out of Birmingham, just to a better community, a gated community or something.
  3. I used to be on some nerd-type stuff.
  4. I want to be the light of my city.
  5. I grew up in Birmingham, Ala. Nobody really blow up from Birmingham, Ala.
  6. I never in my life watch ‘Rick and Morty’ unless I came home from school and it was on TV.
  7. I don’t see myself working with Lil Pump. He goes crazy though. We have two different sounds, but he goes hard.
  8. I’m going to reach that №1 on Billboard.
  9. I didn’t think nobody knew I listened to Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.
  10. The Bay, they got their own sound, they don’t try to be like nobody. They smooth out there.
  11. Not too much, not too less, you feel me, I give them the perfect amount of me, and that’s why people love me so much.
  12. I’m trying to spread peace, low key.
  13. I’m a real rapper.
  14. If you be yourself, you’re good.
  15. Every year I do a song for my homeboy Valley, who passed away from a heart attack.
  16. When I first started to blow up, everybody thought I was rich. Everybody started asking for stuff. My friends started becoming fans. Even my teachers began to act like fans.
  17. I influence myself, because I always try to be different and stay in my own lane.
  18. Don’t spam your music to people… let the people around you share it.
  19. Me and my homeboy Almighty Jay — he YBN too — we used to just be freestyling in XBOX parties.
  20. Shamir and Nasir were my homeboys. They were from Philly and they’re Muslim. I’m not a Muslim, but I liked their names. They were like, ‘your name starts with an N, so just come up with Nahmir.’ So I just put ‘Nah’ in front of ‘Amir.’



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