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  1. I care about waking up to the true issues of the 21st century: inequality, diversity, and the impact of tech.
  2. You make money out of things people pay for.
  3. Regional currencies will prove the best route to reconciling the economic imperatives of increasing international capital mobility with the political realities of the nation-state.
  4. France’s economy is stagnant, statist, and uncompetitive and urgently needs reform.
  5. It’s very important to say that what I mean when I say ‘liberal’ is liberal in the 19th-century British sense. Pro-market, pro-individual, freedom, pro-openness. Not the American sense.
  6. The Franco-German tandem at the core of post-war European integration has become lopsided. Relations between Berlin and Paris are unusually poor, with some French politicians decrying the ‘selfish intransigence’ in the euro crisis of Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel.
  7. I can’t wait for the day when it is no longer newsworthy that a woman is appointed editor of a newspaper.
  8. The IMF played crucial roles in the 1980s debt crisis and in the transformation of former communist economies. Radical change, many might argue, is neither necessary nor desirable.
  9. When financial sectors are small and capital is mobile, floating exchange rates spell massive currency volatility. When a lot of foreign capital flows in, a freely floating exchange rate rises sharply, wreaking havoc for domestic banks and exporters alike.
  10. The impact of a minimum wage depends on how high it is to average wages. If you have too high a minimum wage, it will hurt job creation, and you will have negative job effects.
  11. Firstly, I think the values that underpin all liberals, frankly — classical liberals, all liberals — of respect for the individual and freedom are worth fighting for.
  12. Subscriptions is the bulk of our business; ads are nice to have on top of that.
  13. I’m a classic English liberal. A classical liberal, which is different to the modern interpretation of liberal in America.
  14. The problem with one single minimum wage is that you don’t allow for younger people, who are less skilled and maybe more easily pushed out of the job market, or that the minimum wage should vary for different regions.
  15. We have no idea in what way tomorrow’s consumers will want to consumer their media.
  16. Classic English liberalism of the sort that ‘The Economist’ was founded to champion and still espouses is about open societies and free markets.
  17. The former West Germany was a semi-sovereign political pygmy, protected by America’s military might and with barely any foreign policy of its own. As a result, the country has no machinery or tradition of strategic thinking, and most Germans are loth to see their government take the lead.
  18. It is foolish for anyone to be complacent.
  19. Developing countries have much to gain from capital mobility: the ability to tap external sources of finance, greater financial efficiency from deeper stock and bond markets, and technology transfer and know-how from foreign direct investment.
  20. We want to have a conversation about what does it mean to be liberal in the 21st century and how do we go about creating that kind of a society.



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