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  1. A cool thing about enthusiast press is the low barrier to entry. Anyone can decide they want to set out on this path and start publishing immediately.
  2. A lot of people need technology to survive. And if you’re renting it and you don’t own it or have control over it, you’re at the mercy of whoever does.
  3. It’s so weird, like, it’s not like Gamergate is the only bad thing to happen to me. I’ve been homeless before, I’ve had to come through other stuff. A profoundly abusive childhood, but at least that stuff feels like I got to move on from it, that stuff is in the past.
  4. The thing about astroturfing is that it can be really believable.
  5. For me, I don’t think there’s anything more human than technology. That’s a big thing separating us from other animals: we make things, we build things, we create machines.
  6. My entire career is online — I create games on the web.
  7. I think as an author every character ends up low-key being some kind of self-insert.
  8. There are few people I can talk to about the worst parts of what happened during Gamergate.
  9. It always makes me super nervous how many tech companies don’t have data ethicists.
  10. I spent my 21st birthday chatting with my online friends because my husband had little interest in celebrating with me, and there was no other group of people I’d rather spend time with, even if they weren’t there with me in person.
  11. Depression Quest’s’ tone is one of hope. Many players have told me they’ve tried to take steps in their life to get their illness under control. I tear up while reading my e-mail on subways a lot.
  12. I don’t want to tell a story about how technological advancement is bad.
  13. Being able to work in comics at all — I know I came into it from a different medium, but I’d like to stay here. It’s not like a weird touristy thing for me.
  14. I was the funny-looking one who wore a trench coat and played hacky sack with the other greasy kids.
  15. I know the first time I see a ‘Goddess Mode’ cosplayer I’m going to cry in such a loud, obnoxious way that it’ll be audible from space.
  16. I like the weather in England.
  17. I was nerdy and awkward and didn’t know how to talk to people — except online.
  18. There’s an idea that, ‘Oh, the more technology you have, or the more you modify your body, the less human you are.’ I think that’s super gross, and inaccurate, and also offensive to anybody who relies on technology to live.
  19. I grew up in a super small town in upstate New York; my nearest neighbour was really far away.




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quotes and sayings

quotes and sayings

the best quotes

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